Twitter, An Arm of Government.

For years, the Special Antirobbery Squad (SARS) has terrorised the citizens—especially the youths—of Nigeria. Young people get roughhoused by law enforcement officers who swore to protect them.

Our only offence: Wearing Nike, driving Benz, owning iPhones, weaving our hair or carrying dreadlocks…

It sounds absurd, but believe me, people have been killed because they refused to unlock their phone for SARS officers. I kid you not, SARS officials shaved my friend’s hair because it was “rough”. What the hell???

If you look rich as a young person, trouble for you! They’ll take you to the station. Chances are, you won’t come out alive. FACT. People residing close to their stations have reported hearing gunshots erupting from within the station, dead in the night. Another innocent man down.


The “lazy Nigerian youths” took to Twitter and caused the hashtag #ENDSARS to trend worldwide. How’s that for democracy?

You might have heard that SARS has been dissolved. Please, don’t buy this crap. The same officers will be transferred to another unit. That’s not what we want!



There’s strength in our numbers.

We will not stop until the Police is reformed. We will not stop until our country feels safe again. We will not stop until real change happens!

We go press phone till government fear us! Let’s go!

Port Harcourt Protest

Date: Tuesday, 13th October.

Venue: Pleasure Park.

Time: 9:00am.

Thank you for reading.
Please help us! Don’t stop talking about this. 💪🏽

ENDSARS Protesters, Washington DC.
Join The Fight Wherever You Are

Till next time…I love you and #StaySafe.


  1. Police brutality must stop. Na bad tin to wear Nike? Since when e become crime to use phone wey hungry person kwanu? Enough is enough for this government o.

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